Do you ever get the feeling that someone is trying to sneak something past you?

We can help you stop it!
Here at Employers’ Fraud Task Force, you can:

  • Learn about Workers’ Comp Fraud.
  • Discover how other Employers are fighting back.
  • Network with others working toward solutions.
  • Get the help you need.

Upcoming Events:

June 19, 2015

FSK 5th Annual Southern California Conference

Co-Hosted by Employers’ Fraud Task Force.

Education on both Workers’ Compensation and Employment Laws.

More Information/Registration >>


June 23, 2015

Learn why some Doctors become Crooks and what you can do about it?
The Ethics and Pressure behind the Scenes

Join us for this informative Lunch and Learn.

More Information/Registration >>


August 27, 2015

An Educational Symposium on Medical and Provider Fraud in the Workers’ Compensation System

Join us for this full day event, and learn from law enforcement officials and workers’ compensation professionals, who’s gaming the system and what you can do about it.

More Information/Registration >>


Continuing Education

Every year companies all across America lose billions of dollars to fraud. Educating employees on how to understand and spot fraud has now become an imperative for companies to proactively address in order to preserve revenue, and stay competitive.  That’s why IEA has partnered with Employers’ Fraud Task Force to develop a workers’ compensation fraud identification designation designed to offer students a 3 course comprehensive introduction to its ramifications for American business. All courses are offered through IEA’s tele course online instructor-led format accessible countrywide. You may select Workers’ Compensation as an area of emphasis. Learn More >>

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